Rototilt® R1

Rototilt's new Rototilt R1 tiltrotator is designed for compact machines between 1.5-3.5 tonnes. It is based on the same concept as the larger models of the Rototilt R platform with integrated swivel and greater flexibility with different control systems.

The compact machine segment is growing, with stronger and more technologically advanced machines. An important new feature of the Rototilt R1 is compatibility with the Innovative Control System (ICS) which has a wide range of smart functions. With the supplied in-cab display, operators can easily adjust settings and have a complete overview of the tiltrotator system.

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‹‹ Powerful worm gear

Large bearing surfaces effectively absorb and distribute excavation forces.

Right cast goods at the right place ››

A cast rotor housing is both stronger and lighter than welded alternatives. The thickness of the casting is optimised according to the load on the various parts.

‹‹ Smart attachment frame

With a direct attachment frame, you get lower overall costs, lower weight and more digging power. For maximum flexibility, we have developed our own, patented multi-attachment frame.

‹‹ Smart control systems

With Rototilt® you can choose the control system that optimises your excavator and contributes to increased performance, better handling and more options for settings. Choose between ICSTLE and TE. Your tiltrotator works optimally even in very difficult operating conditions.

Protected hydraulic motor ››

The specially designed guard for the hydraulic motor is integrated with the cast rotor housing and protects it against impact and shocks from beneath

‹‹ Long service life

Sturdy, amply dimensioned pins, shafts and bushings make your tiltrotator from Rototilt® more robust and long-lasting than any other tiltrotator on the market.

Stability and strength ››

A very strong bolted joint holds the rotor housing and the quick coupler in a firm grip.

‹‹ High performance

Rototilt's tiltrotators work with higher system pressure than other brands on the market. This provides better performance for all functions – such as for important tilt and torque manoeuvres, and more clamping force when using a grapple.

Technical data

Machine weight 3307 - 7716 lb 1500 - 3500 kg
Max bucket width 39 in 1000 mm
Max breakout force’ 7868 lbf 35 kN
Max breakout torque 18440 25 kNm
Weight (from) 165 lb 75 kg
Tilt angle (2x) 40° 40°
Rotation speed (1 rotation per) 7.0 s at 4.0 gpm 7.0 s at 15 l/min
Working pressure 3046 psi 21 MPa
Max return line pressure 290 psi at 6.6 gpm 2.0 MPa at 25 l/min
Recommended hydraulic flow 5.3 gpm 20 l/min
Number of lubrication points 1 1
Turning torque 1254 at 3046 psi 1700 Nm at 21 MPa
Tilt torque double acting cylinders 4278 5800 Nm

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