A unique oil for maximising service life and total economy

Rototilt has developed a completely new and improved type of fully synthetic oil for maximising tiltrotator service life. The oil has several properties that make this possible. The new oil was introduced in Rototilt's production in September 2018.

Rototilt tiltrotators are the only tiltrotators on the market with oil-filled rotor housings. The reason for this is that oil clearly produces the best lubrication properties in comparison to grease. Oil dissipates heat better than grease. Better dissipation means less wear.

Rototilt's Fully Synthetic Gear Oil is optimised for the rotor housing’s worm gear and is entirely unique in the marketplace. Tests performed in conjunction with development show a superior material quality; for example, it can withstand an extremely wide temperature range (-52°C at the lowest flow) and causes very little copper corrosion, which increases the life of the worm gear.

Service and daily maintenance are easier with oil. With our oil, the first service interval is 500 hours, and thereafter 1000 hour

The synthetic oil, which is free from polymers, is of higher quality and has a longer shelf life than mineral oil due to lower volatility. Other benefits of Rototilt's Fully Synthetic Gear Oil:

  • Specially designed for Rototilt® worm gears.
  • Better lubrication properties than mineral oils.
  • Wide temperature range.
  • Good compatibility with other mineral oils.
  • Dissipates heat better than grease.
  • Low mechanical friction.
  • Easy to remove particles by changing oil.
  • Long service life provides good overall economy.

All Rototilt tiltrotators are filled with Fully Synthetic Gear Oil upon delivery. The oil is available for sale exclusively from Rototilt dealers.